Crawfish Casserole 13

1/4 lb margarine
1 med onion, chopped
1 small pkg frozen broccoli, chopped
1 lb peeled crawfish tails
10 oz pkg egg noodles
8 oz jar jalapeno Cheese Whiz
Seasoned bread crumbs

Thaw broccoli, drain and set aside. Cook noodles in lightly salted water, drain and set aside. In large skillet, melt margarine and saute onion. Add crawfish and jalapeno Cheese Whiz; stir frequently, until cheese is melted and crawfish are nearly done. Stir in broccoli and cooked noodles and place all in a buttered 3-qt. baking dish. Top with seasoned bread crumbs and bake at 350F for 20-25 minutes.

An equal amount of cooked rice can be substituted for the noodles for a different taste and texture.

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