Seafood Gumbo 4

1/2 pint Dry Roux
1 onion, chopped
1 pound jumbo shrimp with peels
Three 6-ounce cans lump crab meat
Two 10-ounce cans oysters (fresh may be used)
Tony Chachere's More Spice
1 bunch green onions, chopped
Salt, pepper, Italian seasoning to taste

Special utensil: Gumbo pot.

Peel shrimp. Place peelings in a separate pot filled with water. Boil over medium heat 10 minutes. Chop shrimp into pieces, season with Tony's and set aside. Strain the water from the shrimp peelings into a large gumbo pot (this will be the base for your stock). Place gumbo pot over medium heat. Add dry roux to the shrimp water base whisking until is all dissolved. Add onions and enough water to fill the pot 3/4 full. Let broth come to a boil (about 30 minutes).

Add shrimp, crab meat, oysters and season to taste. Cook uncovered until broth thickens (about 45 minutes). Sprinkle with green onions and cook; 5 more minutes. Serve hot over cooked white rice.

Serves 10.

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