Chicken Okra Gumbo 2

3 or 4 lb of hens or fryers in parts
1 large onion, chopped fine
2 cups of celery, stalks and leaves, chopped
1 large bell pepper, chopped
3/4 cup green onion tops
1/2 cup parsley
2 cups okra

Dash of Tabasco
1/4 cup of shortening
Flour, enough to make the right consistency.

Brown the chicken in an iron skillet. In a large gumbo pot, add 3 pints of water with the browned chicken. Simmer until the chicken is tender.

Make roux in the same iron skillet that the chicken was browned in. Brown the roux to a dark golden brown color. Add onion, celery, & bell peppers to roux and stir till almost tender.

Add all this to the gumbo pot of chicken. Next add the okra. When almost ready to serve, add green onion tops. Serve over steamed brown rice.

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