Eggplant Rice Dressing 2

5 lb lean ground meat
5 large peeled and thinly sliced purple eggplants
2 large diced bell peppers
2 Medium onions, chopped fine
3-5 green hot peppers, optional
4 cups cooked rice

Salt and pepper to taste

Boil the eggplant for approximately 20 minutes. Drain wall. Using a large, heavy oblong pot, add the ground meal, eggplants, onions, bell peppers and green hot peppers.

Cook on high heat until liquid is dissolved, stirring often. Mixture should begin to turn brown when liquid is dissolved. Note: the coloring of the mixture should be dark brown, but not burnt Once the mixture is dark in color, add 4 glasses of hot water, which will make a brown gravy. Simmer on medium heat until only a little gravy remains. Stir often. Add a portion of the cooked rice at a time and blend wall until all the doe has been used. Also, when adding the rice into the mixture, season with salt and popper.

Makes 15-20 servings.

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