Venison Sausage Seasoning Mix

4 oz salt
2 oz red pepper
2 oz onion powder
1 oz garlic powder
2 oz black pepper
3/4 oz Accent
8 oz vinegar
16 oz Italian dressing
10 lb venison, ground
10 lb pork - Boston Butt, ground
2-3 cartons casings
Onion tops, parsley, garlic (fresh to suite taste)
-- use 3 bunches of tops and parsley and 1/2 cup minced garlic.

Use this mix for patties wrapped with bacon & grilled on the pit, to make deer sausage and smoke them in the smoker, or use as fresh sausage, meat loaves, etc. It's good in jambalaya, gumbos and with seafood.

(Per 20 Pounds Meat)

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