Goulash 1

1 pound bacon
2 large onions
1 large bell pepper
1 pound sausage
1 large bell pepper
One 15-1/4 ounce can white beans
One 15-1/4 ounce can red kidney beans
One 15-1/4 ounce can black eyed peas
One 15-1/4 ounce can pinto beans
French bread
Garlic butter

Cut bacon in half and drop in hot pot. Chop onions and peppers coarsely and drop in simmering bacon. Cut sausage in l inch chunks and add to mixture. When original ingredients are simmered, add beans, 1 can at a time, stirring until blended. Cover and lower campfire by adding water. Be sure to stir periodically.

Serves 10.

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