Cornbread Dressing 3

3 cups onions, chopped
2 cups bell pepper, chopped
1/8 lb margarine
1 tablespoon garlic powder
3 tablespoons ground cumin
One 16-ounce carton Cajun dressing mix, thawed
Two 14-ounce cans chicken broth
1 can cream of chicken soup
Salt, black pepper and red pepper, to taste

Double recipe of cornbread, using the recipe on yellow corn meal bag.

Preheat oven to 350F . Bake cornbread according to directions on yellow cornmeal bag, omitting sugar or mix will be too sweet.

(Do not use a prepared cornbread mix, as this too will make dressing sweet).

Finely crumble cornbread into very large mixing bowl. Saute onions and bell pepper in margarine. To save time, use microwave until tender. Add sauteed onions and bell pepper to crumbled cornbread. Mix well. Add thawed dressing mix. Mix well.

Add broth and soup. Mix well. Add cumin and garlic powder. Mix well. Season with salt, black and red peppers to taste. Pour into 3-quart baking pan or dish. Cover with foil or lid. Bake 350F for 40 minutes, removing cover last 5 minutes.

Boiled giblet stock may be substitute for chicken broth, and chopped giblets may be added.

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