Mardi Gras Jambalaya

1 pound beef sausage, fully cooked (cubed ham may be substituted)
One 8 ounce box Zatarains' Jambalaya
New Orleans Style
One 16-ounce box frozen Bird's Eye broccoli, corn and red pepper
1 small purple onion, sliced thin
2 sprigs fresh parsley

Preheat oven to 350F. Cook jambalaya mix according to box directions. While mix is cooking, slice beef sausage into 1/4 inch rounds.

Heat thoroughly in oven or by microwave method and drain any drippings (can be warmed by skillet method in small amount of water, but drain well). Cook vegetables by package directions (do not over cook).

Pour cooked jambalaya mixture into large bowl. Add beef sausage and drained, cooked vegetables. Toss gently so the broccolli won't break. Pour into a 7 x 11 inch Pyrex dish which has been sprayed with no stick cooking spray.

Heat in oven about 20 minutes at 350F or until heated for serving.

Garnish with thinly sliced purple onions.

Serves 10.

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