Beef Stew with Vegetables

1-1/2 cup onion chopped
1 cup bell pepper chopped
1 cup celery chopped
A cloves garlic
2 lb veal stew meat cut in 1 inch cubes
12 tbs oil
12 tbs flour
Onion tops
2 cans mixed vegetables, drained

Heat oil in pot. Stir in flour. Stir continuously until the roux turns brown.

Add to the roux your onions bell pepper and celery. Lower heat and stir seasoning occasionally, until onions become transparent. Add your meat which has been seasoned with red pepper and a little salt. Stir for a few minutes until all the meat is coated with roux.

Add four cups of hot water and cover pot. When meat is tender, add mixed vegetables. Cook uncovered until vegetables are cooked.

Add onion tops and parsley before cutting your fire off.

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