Marinating and Basting Sauce a La Creole

1 gal. cooking oil
15 oz bottle soy sauce
4 tsp garlic juice
8 oz onion puree
10 oz wine vinegar
6 oz dry sherry wine
1 sm. can dried parsley flakes (1/2 oz)
8 tbs salt
2 tbs black pepper
4 tbs red Cayenne pepper
Juice of 4 lemons
4 tsp hot sauce
1 cola soft drink
4 medium size onions, chopped fine

Mix all of these ingredients and stir for five minutes. If necessary, heat to approximately 150F or until all of the ingredients are thoroughly blended. This sauce may be used for marinating steaks and various meats and may also be used as a basting sauce to maintain tenderness to meats while being grilled, barbecued or broiled.

A 36-hour marinating period is sufficient enough for good to choice grade steaks and a 48- hour marinating period is recommended for wild game meats.

For barbecuing 80 steaks

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