Crawfish Bisque 3

30 pounds live crawfish
5 to 6 onions
2 bell peppers
Green onion tops
1/2 of a large loaf of bread, toasted
2 raw eggs
1 small can tomato sauce
1 cup roux
Salt, red pepper and black pepper to taste

Scald and clean crawfish. Save and clean heads. To make stuffing for heads, grind together cleaned crawfish tails, onions, bell pepper, parsley, green onions and toasted bread. Add raw eggs, salt, red and black pepper. Mix well. Stuff clean heads with mixture and layer in a large roaster. Make roux and add tomato sauce, salt, red and black pepper. Add hot water to desired consistency for gravy. Pour roux mixture over stuffed heads. Bake in moderate oven for one hour or until onions and bell pepper in stuffing are cooked. Serve over hot rice.

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