Redfish 2

Four 3-lb Redfish Filets
Olive Oil
Salt & pepper
5 med onions
2 large bellpeppers
2 small cans (stems & pieces) mushrooms
3 cans Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 can Rotel, crushed

Fillet fish and cut into large serving size. Baste fish in olive oil, salt & pepper. Let fish marinate for approximately one hour in refrigerator. Chop onions & bellpeppers into sizes about as large as thumb nail. Saute in small amount of olive oil and until onions are clear. Add Rotel and bring to slow bubble for 15 minutes. Add mushroom soup bring to a slow bubble. Arrange fish into pan --cover with foil and put into 350F oven for 15 minutes. Remove and set aside while you saute onions, etc.

Uncover fish and pour off water from fish. Cover fish with the sauce from onion soup, etc. Pour oysters over servings of fish. Place pan into 350F oven, (DO NOT COVER FISH WITH FOIL). Let cook approximately 20 minutes and serve while hot.

*Garlic Bread goes good with this.
*One lb of Crabmeat and/or 1 lb of peeled shrimp can be added to soup mixture and cooked for about 10 minutes before pouring over fish.

Serves 12.

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