Shrimp Scampi 3

Shrimp, 1 quart peeled and deveined, or 2 lb headless
1/4 lb butter or margarine
4 or 5 cloves of fresh garlic
Handful of fresh mushrooms, chopped
2 tbs olive oil
Seasonings - salt, red pepper, oregano
2 to 3 oz Sherry
1 tbs Cornstarch

Using an iron skillet, melt butter or margarine, add about 4 or 5 cloves of fresh garlic and 2 tbs olive oil and saute the Jeff shrimp lightly. Add the chopped mushrooms, stir and sprinkle in oregano add salt and pepper to taste. Pour in about two to three oz of Sherry. Stir and add about 1 tbs of cornstarch to thicken sauce. Lastly, sprinkle top with chopped onion tops and serve over hot rice. This dish can be cooked in about 10 minutes and it is important not to over cook.

Serve about 4 to 6 portions.

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